Velatine – “All I Want”

What is on the slab you might ask? I may reply, well, Melbourne label, Spooky Records, have released the single with video, from Velatine, called “All I Want“. Velatine is a darkwave duo, also based in Melbourne, Australia and this single is off the album I Won’t Be Civilised, that was released in February.

Photo by Jurgis Maleckas

From the beginning, a sense of despondency is within the electronics, before the vocals take you away, dragging you towards a world of solitude. The synths are beautifully layered with the vocals, echoing and giving an air of melancholy mystery.

The band is composed of Maggie Alley and Loki Lockwood, and the video they have created for the track, is full of shadowy Hitchcock noir, as Alley gets Lockwood to drive her around, before making him dig his own grave. “All I Want” is smooth and chic like a rich dark wine from Velatine.

I Won’t Be Civilised | Velatine (

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