Alien Creation – “Red Pill”

Do you chose the red pill or the blue pill? It was a question put to the character Neo, in the movie The Matrix. Now, London’s Alien Creation, also known as Chris Clark, proposes “Red Pill” in the form of a single that was released in April.

The future is here so ‘wise up sucker‘ as the electronics mewl their discontent and the beats fervently follow the vocals of Clark, as he punches through your defences built up up the politicians and media.

It made me giggle a little, as the chorus of ‘wise up sucker‘ reminded me of the Pop Will Eat Itself track of that very name (“Wise Up! Sucker“). What would you chose? Do you chose the truth or to live in a fantasy? It could be an Alien Creation, so take the “Red Pill“.

RED PILL | Alien Creation (

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