TeknoVore – “Morbus Gravis”

Those that are heavily into science fiction/fantasy might recognise the name “Morbus Gravis“. from the comic Druuna, which became a video game in 2001. It is now a single, out on Infacted Recordings, from Greek industrial project TeknoVore, and the guest vocalist/lyricist is Australian, Keeva Leo, whom you might know is from the equally excellent Sirus.

You know, that when any seductive female voice tells you ‘come in, the water’s fine‘, you should probably run… a lot. Big industrial base drops propel the track forward, with Leo’s vocals cajoling, wailing, and seducing your ears, as any good siren should. There is included two mixes by two musicians/producers. Adsol gives you the first remix, which you think is going to be some delicate thing, but the beginning is a ruse, as the music flows between transcendental and thumping rhythms, while the vocals are now murkier, and there is a sense of obfuscation. The remix by Draven is an instrumental headlong rush of techno beats with flourishing synths that occasionally stops to catch its breath and then continues on, overriding your senses.

There is also an instrumental version where you get to experience those great bass drops yet again. George Klontzas is the man behind TeknoVore, and he really has a knack in creating and blending techno/psytrance with industrial, that is seamless and heavily engaging, so his combining forces with Keeva Leo, is a stroke of genius, and “Morbus Gravis” is going to suck you down into its wonderful vortex.

Morbus Gravis | Teknovore | Infacted Recordings (bandcamp.com)



Music | SIRUS (bandcamp.com)

Sirus | Facebook

Music | Adsol (bandcamp.com)


Music | Draven (bandcamp.com)


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