The album PASSIVE, is a gift that keeps on giving, with JE T’AIME releasing the single “Blood On Fire“, with a music video. The album is out on Manic Depression Records and Icy Cold Records, and it it always interesting to see what this French goth rock trio are doing.

The video depicts a girl in a never ending cycle of drinking and partying, though she doesn’t seem to enjoy it all that much, with the single as her theme track on a cassette walkman (oh my…. do people still use those?). A song about self destruction, all set to a fast pace rhythm, those bright synth lines and post punk, jangly guitars.

It is a slick looking video, beautifully shot in the streets of Paris at night and the story line fits in perfectly with the music. It is a really good little track, bouncy and lively musically, dark lyrically. Have a listen to “Blood On Fire” and get a bit of JE T’AIME in your life.



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You might think that a song title like “Oh My God My Chemical“, might be from, say, Alien Sex Fiend but no! It is the title of Portland group, Hovering Shrikes new single released on the 26th of August.

They are consumed by a women whom wore a different perfume on every body part. Vocally, there is a Bowie like resemblance, though maybe a little off kilter at first and it builds from the meeting and gallops full force in to the affair prompted by the wiff of the chemicals on a lady or is the scent of love?

It is storytelling within a song, quirky with a sense of humour and I appreciate that. The Hovering Shrikes obviously write tracks that they find interesting and have fun with because that really comes through. They remind me a bit of S.P.O.C.K. and that is never a bad thing, so I say “Oh My God My Chemicals“.

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From the depths of Narrm land (Melbourne), a noise was heard on June the 30th, for it was the band Sudden Debt with their single, “DD“. They are a three piece alt band with a dark, no wave appeal.

The bass is the prominent instrument, with its rhythmic notes plucking away hypnotically. The vocals are words, echoing across the surface in stark defiance. The reverb jumps in between like a chaotic mass breaking up the segments, dramatically giving you a shake.

This reminds me a little of something Daniel Ash and David J (Bauhaus/Love & Rockets) might have done. It has remnants of the early 80s, angry disinterest at a world lacking visible passion or compassion and the way they express themselves brings me a pang of joy. Each time I played “DD“, the more it drew me in. Check out Sudden Debt on Bancamp for name your price, as you have nothing to lose and a band to gain!

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