Weimar is an experimental industrial EP in three parts, by Brian Tibbs of Chicago. A little bit of background on Weimar, that not only is it a city in Germany, but it became in 1919, the German Reich (Republic of Germany), which also heralded in the rise of the Nazi Party

Part 1 is “Dream, Reminisce and Secession“. that starts off light and airy, with dreamy chimes, yet then it seems to have a darker level below… That darkness is so low key that the listener might not realise, considering this track full of sparkling synths. The menace of what is to come, starts to flower in “The Fruits Of Ingenuity“, as the music snakes along, the light absorbed by the encroaching storm The music bleeps and bleats, becoming almost insistent, clashing and claustrophobic. The piano wanders aimlessly, before the interspersed harsher electronics beats, let themselves be known, and that dalliance with the off-kilter synths in Part 3 called “Agnosis And Rupture“. There is a digital distress in the second half of this track and a foreboding in the dominate piano, amidst the screams and cries.

I don’t think this is that far a reach to correlate a musical comparison of the rise of political powers that seek to remove human rights in many countries, and how the Nazi’s came to power under the guise of being a country’s great saviour. What are they saving people from? From threats that they have deemed relevant and supported by zealots. Brian Tibbs has brought you Weimar which is thought provoking and a journey into the socio-political rabbit hole, through a combination of industrial married with experimental classical music.

Weimar | Brian TIbbs | Brian Tibbs (bandcamp.com)

Deep Sleep Atlantic are back with their second single “Blue“, which was released on May the 12th. Travis Marc and Daniel Perez are changing things up with the addition of saxophone by guest musician Dave Mouton.

Photo by Mikey Valencia

There is a plodding nature to the beginning of the track, a kind of going through the moves of daily life, while the vocals reach out, seemingly putting on a happy face. A song about depression, when you can no longer face the day. It really takes off in the chorus, and the culprit of this misery is revealed. The saxophone is absolutely mesmerising.

The music video has its premiere on the 19th of May, but in the meantime, you can enjoy listening to “Blue” or sites like Bandcamp and Spotify. This track is definitely nothing like the first single, “Bipolar Tendencies“, which had a far more darker edge, where as “Blue” has embraced that New Orleans’ grass roots soul and blues, and mixed it with an 80s pop swagger of say Duran Duran or Japan. Touch the “Blue” with Deep Sleep Atlantic.

▶︎ Blue | Deep Sleep Atlantic (bandcamp.com)


Never ones to sit on their laurels, the crew of Beauty In Chaos (BIC), with guitarist Michael Ciravolo, firmly at the helm, have been joined by Julian Shah-Taylor (vocals/synths), for a brand new single, “Kiss Me (Goodbye)“. Just adding to the mix is long term BIC collaborator Michael Rozon on bass/piano/drum programming and drummer Pete Parada of Face To Face and The Offspring fame.

Photo by Tish Ciravolo

There is an 80s electronic vibe throughout this track, though the guitars most certainly are at the fore, in the rich, surging chorus. Everything will turn out fine, sings Shah-Tayler, even if we are watching the world burn, so with the sweet lyrics and up tempo lilt to the music, you can believe him.

Shah-Taylor might be channelling the Thin White Duke, aka Bowie, especially in conjunction with the video. There is something warm and familiar about “Kiss Me (Goodbye)” that really resonated with me and maybe it is the 80s/goth glam feel. The track is both delicate and stirring, and the vocals are perfection. “So “Kiss Me (Goodbye)” as there is only Beauty In Chaos.

KISS ME (GOODBYE) ft. Julian Shah-Tayler | BEAUTY IN CHAOS (bandcamp.com)


May 5th saw the latest single for Irish lads, Arctic Lights, made available to the public on Bandcamp and May the 12th for other streaming platforms. Edward Butt and Liam O’Callaghan are Arctic Lights, and “Somebody” is the name of the track.

Do you chance to dance with the Devil when the music stops? Those rich indie tones of the jaunty guitar, combined with a decent paced rhythm, are the backdrop to the succulent vocals. Their logic is, if you release the inner beast, there is a time that the music on the dancefloor will stop and then you are going to have to dance with the Devil. There is always a price to pay. Everything that Arctic Lights has so far released, have been indie pop/rock jewels, and “Somebody” is no different.

Somebody | Arctic Lights (bandcamp.com)


The late Burt Bacharach asked us what do I get if I fall in love, but in reality, maybe he should have asked what do we get when Sonikdevil and Mach FoX (Zwaremachine) join forces? For April, it seems to be an EP called New Dead Wave, with FoX as the vocals and Kyle Sonik playing instruments, with the pair cowriting all tracks.

The title track is the starter, and it sets the mood for the EP with a music vibe of that period of time where the 80s melded into the 90s industrial and the unquenchable hunger of the vampiric kind. The possible hint is in the name, “New Dead Wave“. If you were in doubt, this was a horror themed release, there is the guitar filled “Little Monster“, a rock ode to the female terror in your life that wants to reduce you to a tasty jelly mess. Psychedelic effects and a big rock sound stalks, waiting to “Let Us In“, where there is actually a liberal amount of glam rocker style in the offering.

Garden Of Rust” kind of reminds me quite a bit of the Ramones when they wrote “Pet Cemetery” with that very up-beat punk attitude, though this is at complete odds to the far more electronic “Circus Of The Damned” with FoX channelling a bit of Alice Cooper thrown in for good measure. The reminiscing of crazier times is the punk “Barstools & Broken Fools” and yet there is a story of loss behind the bravado. Of course, the aliens have not been forgotten about, and the last track is “The 4th Kind” that almost has horrorbilly feel to it, which is a really nice end to the EP.

Feels a bit mealy-mouthed to call this an EP when I’ve seen albums with fewer tracks on them. This is a recording that runs the gamut of rock from the wham bam glam 70s, punk, post-punk to industrial, with a sprinkling of psychobilly horror tongue in cheek, giving it the spooky flavour of B grade monster movies, which I think are the best sort. The hills might have eyes, but Sonikdevil and Mach FoX have New Dead Wave.

New Dead Wave | Sonikdevil & Mach FoX | Mach FoX (bandcamp.com)




Italian band Codice EGO has dropped their EP, Rainbow’s End on April 21st. This three track EP, is the journey of one band member, who found himself confronted with an illness that no one could diagnose and faced with his own mortality.

The title track, “Rainbow’s End” is the first single and is full of a slinky cool vibe, and smooth vocals lending themselves to the Portishead sound, while the throbbing guitar settles below, occasionally breaking out in flourishes. “Errors And Repairs” has post-punk jangliness wending its way through the ebb and flow of emotions in a period of time of being unable to fix the human machine but the most important component is convincing the brain to move on. The last track is the male voiced “Contriver“, the electronics are at the fore with the rhythms pounding from the drums and in an amazingly powerful ending. The survivor looking at what they have gone through.

Post-punk mixed with shoegaze and an understated degree of electronics is a part of the concoction that makes Rainbow’s End so easy to listen to, yet the vocals, fuelled by the ocean deep lyrics, for Codice EGO that make it all gel perfectly.



It is hardly surprising that New Orleans is a simmering pot of shrouded bedlam, and there is nothing better than introducing a new band with a debut single. Deep Sleep Atlantic is a duo from the Big Easy, and their dark grungy rock single is “Bipolar Tendencies“.

The impending creeping doom in the beginning of the track is heightened by the singular guitar that is joined by the matter of fact vocals, and then it all takes off. A story of mental health that has coloured the storyteller’s life, conversing with the voices in his head. The drums power through, with the guitar seemingly dancing within the piece and vocals that utterly suit that track in both attitude and sound.

I haven’t moved for days
It’s not that I don’t wanna be
Outside with my friends
But why would I go out when they’re all inside my head

Deep Sleep Atlantic have a big rock sound and they remind me a lot of another US act, Queens Of The Stone Age, not only in sound but also the quirky sense of humour, even in the face of a serious subject. “Bipolar Tendencies” is a very classy first track, so now we await for what Deep Sleep Atlantic proffer next.

Bipolar Tendencies | Deep Sleep Atlantic (bandcamp.com)


A new band from France, CODE 150, released their self titled first EP on April the 1st. I don’t know much about these guys other than they are a four piece band. So, in other words, we will let the music speak for them.

The start is a solemn one with “IRON EAGLE“, as the electronic writhe with an almost siren like wail. The guitars are in attendance for the next track, “BROKEN“, the bass twangs delightfully, with the lead guitar flourishes. It reminds me a little of a slow dance from the heart. The synths definitely give “DANCER IN THE DARK“, a coldwave sound, and combined with the female vocals, it has a beautiful symmetry, that whirls through the chorus. The final track is the sexy “MORE“, and I will leave that to your imagination… or even better, you can go listen to it.

This is a great first release and I implore you to listen to “DANCER IN THE DARK” as it deserves to be a dance floor favourite with its charged rhythms and vocal charm. It conjures up visions of a time when Visage and Ultravox were kings of the new wave scene. Keep an eye out for CODE 150 because I have a feeling bigger things are coming.

CODE 150 | CODE 150 (bandcamp.com)



Over a year ago, some guy called Garrett Cooper, in South Australia, decided to create a new project called Brave Mistakes. He then thought that he might put out one original song a month, for a whole year. When you listen to each of the tracks, you can hear the progression as Cooper developed his singing talent and grew more comfortable in his role of songwriter. Somewhere on this journey, he has found like minded musicians and Brave Mistakes is now a fully fledged band. A new single has just dropped called “Unchained Melody“.

The style is simple and straightforward, with guitars interlacing delicately, between plucked and strummed. Cooper’s singing is definitely the focal point, smooth and rich like honey, as the lyrics roll of his tongue. The track is saturated in longing, for time and distance can be unkind to lovers.

Sounds familiar I hear you say. Yes, it is a cover of the 1965 song, first performed by The Righteous Brothers and made famous yet again in the movie Dirty Dancing in the late 80s. This solemn rendition is near spine tingling, the musicianship stunning and I swear Cooper’s vocals get better every time I hear him. A perfect version of “Unchained Melody” to slow dance with your dearest, by Brave Mistakes.

Unchained Melody | Brave Mistakes (bandcamp.com)


The debut album, Post Tenebras Lux, for Brisbane band, Balloons Kill Babies, is a point of great pride and yet there is a bitter sweet tinge, as it is also, currently, their last album for the foreseeable future. Bass player Karl O’Shea is no stranger to Onyx, being a member of Daylight Ghosts and Ghostwoods, plus it seems a hundred other bands (and have your noticed the fact all project names are related to death or after death??). Christian Carter plays guitar and Scott Davey on drums, making up the trio. This instrumental album doesn’t just have value in the music, but also for the band members Carter and O’Shea, there have been years of life shattering challenges, such as addiction, and they are very open about their mental health which has influenced their music.

“This album means so much to me, after the treatment for Catatonia I was left suffering from Amnesia and regular Seizures, sometimes up to 7 a day with the worst lasting an hour. The remarkable thing was listening to the album again after the onset of amnesia, as if for the first time; and being able to pick up my guitar again and play the songs in their entirety. It was a massive part of my rehabilitation. The piano piece written by Karl and performed by his partner James Lees (Ghostwoods, Silver Sircus) “Flexibilitas Cerea”, we decided to name after one of the symptoms of Catatonia, “Waxy Flexibility”, where my limbs could be placed in various positions and I would stay in that position until someone moved me back.

Even though the album was written before the events of these illnesses, the title of the record rings truer than ever. It became the soundtrack to my recovery and rehabilitation from the worst period of my life. The project has simply run its course and I couldn’t think of a better record to go out on.” ChristianTwiggyCarter

A dream like air surrounds the first track “Creeper“, sinuous and gradually becoming foreboding in tone as the guitars start you on this journey. The track “L’appel Du Vie“, drenched in beautiful guitar tones has the feelings of something lost and regrets that are a part of the past, swinging from gentle to manic.

Joined by on piano by James Lees, from Ghostwoods, Lees puts in a haunting performance in piece “Flexibilitas Cerea“, with a heaviness that sucks you under. The fervour of “Mt Carmel” twists around you soul, flooding your ears with searing guitar that reaches out and “Post Tenebras Lux” is truly a joyous piece that breaks out, trickling with gorgeous interludes. This is only a taste of what you can find on the album.

“Simply put, everyone behind the creation of this album has gone through significant changes over the last 5 years or so. Whether they be creative differences, a need to explore other projects or just simply wanting to move on, we’re all different people than we were at the beginning of all this. I think I speak for all of us when I say we’re fiercely proud of what we’ve managed to accomplish over the last decade plus and we couldn’t be happier with how the album turned out. It’s as perfect an ending as we could have asked for.” – Karl O’Shea

Davey is one busy guy on the drums and with O’Shea, they make a really tight rhythm section, while Carter just oozes sophistication on the guitar. The album has a huge sound to it, like if Tool was purely instrumental and they were creating rock inspired soundscapes, within someone’s brain. There is experimentation with noise which makes for a much more interesting experience. I am not surprised they are proud of this album. It is a great alternative rock release and if you appreciate well crafted music then you should really check out Post Tenebras Lux, because after the dark is light with Balloons Kill Babies. Cheers guys.

Post Tenebras Lux | Balloons Kill Babies (bandcamp.com)