Super Dragon Punch!! – “Split”

Is there a cooler band name out there than Super Dragon Punch!!? I think not! This 8bit/industrial project from Belgium, is the brain child of Jérémie Venganza and there is a new single called “Split“. If this wasn’t enough, he has called on several electronic musicians to help out on the remix duties.

In true 8bit fashion, the track starts out like a computer game, that crosses with far more uplifting synth lines that spin around the punchy lyrics that talk about regret at losing another. As soon as you hear the first remix, you can tell it has Jamie Blacker’s touch all over it. The ESA (Electronic Substance Abuse)remix is a bit funky with thumping beats and static, giving the track a much darker tone. Next is the Dulce Liquido remix. Oscar Mayorga is Dulce Liquido, as well as a member of Hocico, and with that pedigree, the rhythm slams and the industrial-techno strobes your senses, creating an amazing dance version. The fourth version is doused in the electronic splendour that is [SITD], where they use their skill to give the track a depth, using those beautiful tinkling key notes and lowers tones and this leads on perfectly to the Toxxic Project mix. Toxxic Project is another Mexican project, and their remix is this building tide of synthy injected waves, that surges around your ears.

There is also an instrumental mix which is equally as good, but honestly, you should just listen for yourself. It is a chance to immerse yourself in not only a great track, yet also bask in the talent of the guest remixers. There is not one that I could actually say is my favourite due to the fact each has their own, very distinctive, style. All killer and no filler from this single, “Split” by Super Dragon Punch!!.

Split | Super Dragon Punch!! (

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