Simon Carter feat. Fredrik Keith Croona – “Erase My Mind”

May the 5th seems to have been a huge day for releases, and what could be better than a single from the British electronic wizard, Simon Carter. “Erase My Mind” features the dulcet tones of Sweden’s Fredrik Keith Croona (Against I/Menschdefekt).

I was not joking when I said Croona’s vocals are dulcet, as he takes you down the electronic rabbit hole where one feels unfulfilled, and it leaves such a hole, it would be better to forget to ease the pain of it all.

Carter’s music as always, is simply scintillating. There is a symmetry between the techno x psytrance and Croona’s vocals, that make this not only a great dance track, but just an enjoyable song in general….. that I won’t be listening to in the car….. speeding is bad. This Simon Cater featuring Fredrik Keith Croona, and they don’t really want to “Erase My Mind” so much as raise my resting heart rate.

▶︎ Erase My Mind | Simon Carter (feat. Fredrik Keith Croona) | Simon Carter (

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