The Antoine Poncelet Band – “April”

There was a stirring on the winds in New Jersey, and behold, the debut single “April” spang forth from goth rockers, The Antoine Poncelet Band. The band is made up of members, Antoine Poncelet (vocals), Peter Quilla (guitar), Mark McClemens (bass), Santos Menendez (keys), Greg Bullock (keys) and Justin Wright (drums).

There is the wailing and gnashing of teeth in “April“, for there does seem to be a questioning of why one has been left to fend for themselves, when the muses have fled. Is there meaning if you cannot see it? The music is boisterous, and the over all ambiance, reminds me a little of Andy Prieboy. There is also a b-side in the track, “Virginia Plain“, originally released by Roxy Music, back in 1972. They have retained that glam edge with the great keyboard work and lead singer Poncelet, pulls off a rather convincing modern take, of the sneering Bryan Ferry, though this version is more attacking.

Hearing a cover of Roxy Music was rather delightful and a good reminder of what a great songwriter Ferry has been. The single “April” is this interesting dichotomy of 90s goth, grunginess and even honky-tonk blues at times, which is surprisingly enjoyable. It might no longer be “April“, but you can still indulge in The Antoine Poncelet Band.

April | The Antoine Poncelet Band (

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