Beauty In Chaos feat Julian Shah-Tayler – “Kiss Me (Goodbye)”

Never ones to sit on their laurels, the crew of Beauty In Chaos (BIC), with guitarist Michael Ciravolo, firmly at the helm, have been joined by Julian Shah-Taylor (vocals/synths), for a brand new single, “Kiss Me (Goodbye)“. Just adding to the mix is long term BIC collaborator Michael Rozon on bass/piano/drum programming and drummer Pete Parada of Face To Face and The Offspring fame.

Photo by Tish Ciravolo

There is an 80s electronic vibe throughout this track, though the guitars most certainly are at the fore, in the rich, surging chorus. Everything will turn out fine, sings Shah-Tayler, even if we are watching the world burn, so with the sweet lyrics and up tempo lilt to the music, you can believe him.

Shah-Taylor might be channelling the Thin White Duke, aka Bowie, especially in conjunction with the video. There is something warm and familiar about “Kiss Me (Goodbye)” that really resonated with me and maybe it is the 80s/goth glam feel. The track is both delicate and stirring, and the vocals are perfection. “So “Kiss Me (Goodbye)” as there is only Beauty In Chaos.

KISS ME (GOODBYE) ft. Julian Shah-Tayler | BEAUTY IN CHAOS (

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