Eleventh Fear – “Mondlicht”

Mondlicht” is German for moonlight and is also the title of the latest single from French goth/electronic act, Eleventh Fear. This is the second single, off the soon to be released album, by Ludovic Dhenry, the man behind Eleventh Fear, whose other projects have been ExponentiaRésonance magnétique and Zauber.

In true electronic style, “Mondlicht” is a mixture of insistent beats that merge with low synth tones, which stretch forth, while the vocals are whispered seductively in German. The rhythm lends itself to a near trance inducing dance beat.

I suppose this track is meant to convey a feeling of the dark, night and mystery, but for me, in the rhythms, it also speaks of strobe filled nights on the club floor, with other dancing, sweaty bodies. The lyrics tell of magic, crows and elves, as The Eleventh Fear whisper in your ear under the “Mondlicht“.

Mondlicht | Eleventh Fear (bandcamp.com)

Eleventh Fear | Facebook

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