Matt Hart – “The Last Rave”

British industrial artist, Matt Hart has released his latest single, “The Last Rave“, off the album, BELOW THE TERRA PT. 1., on the 3rd of June. To go along with the single, a music video was created from two live shows, recorded at the ElektroVox Music Festival and RESISTANZ Festival, showcasing the dynamic Hart wowing the audience.

It is a magnificent, pounding industrial track, about the human resistance to the alien machines that turn the planet cold and pursue the survivors deep into the ground. “The Last Rave” is a shout of defiance, that while humanity survives, there is hope and Hart growls his powerful message to those kicking beats. I invite you to “The Last Rave” and you might very well get sucked into Matt Hart’s cyber industrial world.


MATT HART | Facebook


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