SPECTRA*paris – “Devious”

Elena Alice Fossi is best known as the fabulous lead woman for the long lasting, Italian project, KIRLIAN CAMERA. However, this talented musician is also about to release her fifth album, Mondernism, under the moniker SPECTRA*paris, but that happens in August…..so to whet your appetite, before the sumptuous feast, we have been given the single, “Devious” to get a taste.

There is a certain amount of trepidation as you first hear the first erroneous sounds before the breathy notes in the form of Fossi’s vocals and sensuously, they drape over the electronic noir that buzzes, like bees attracted to sweet nectar.  

I am not surprised that the video to accompany this track has a Hitchcockian flavour as the rhythm suggests mischief is afoot and that we might be involved in something that is not what it seems. There is a darkness in the music, offset by the light gracefulness of Fossi’s singing and yet there is something mesmerisingly seductive in those vocals, that once you are under her thrall, you might never leave. Elena Alice Fossi has given us a stunning single in the form of “Devious” and we await the next release from SPECTRA*paris with anticipation…. 

Modernism | SPECTRA*paris (bandcamp.com)

SPECTRA*paris (official) | Facebook

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