Then Comes Silence – “Chain”

Something gothy, this way comes. Swedes, Then Comes Silence, have a new single, “Chains”, which dropped on the 27th of May, ahead of the new album, Hunger, on Metropolis Records. Alex Svenson (vocals, bass, synthesizer), Jonas Fransson (drums, backing vocals), Mattias Ruejas Jonson (guitar, backing vocals) and Hugo Zombie (guitar), make up the band and are joined on this track by Karolina Engdahl, of Vånna Inget, on backing vocals.

An eruption of guitar and synths resolves with an element of buildup of classical style, before we are introduced to the smoldering male vocals of Svenson, joined by Engdahl‘s more feminine and angelic tones. The mixture of electronics, ebbing and flowing with the wonderful guitars rocking out.

The Swedish do some pretty flawless production and this is no exception. It lends itself to the clean vocals, driving guitars and synths that slip through all the cracks the guitars cannot. The sweet words keep you on the chain and asking for more, in this goth rock track by Then Comes Silence.


Then Comes Silence (

THEN COMES SILENCE – official website

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