Vlimmer – “Platzwort” b/w “Out Of Sight”

Alexander Leonard Donat, I do believe, might be the crazed mad scientist of the German post-punk world. He always seems to have many experiments on the go and putting out a plethora of music. while he stirs the cauldron with his music label Blackjack Illuminist Records. His main music project is Vlimmer and the last album, Menschenleere, was out in November of 2022, and now he is back with the single “Platzwort” with the backing track “Out Of Sight“, and neither of these were on that album.

The translation of “Platzwort” is something like this place. The synths don’t ready you for the shifting drum rhythms that enhance the vocals, building in in waves as those same synths trickle in starlight. Donat’s vocals exude a certain longing within the musical magnificence. The b-side is actually a cover of “Out Of Sight” by the British 90s band, Spiritualized with the Donat twist of being translated into German. That isn’t the only difference. Spiritualized are well known for their love of the psychedelic guitars, while this new cover is kind of introspective and even is imbued with an electro dusty spaghetti western style, in the midday shadow of Ennio Morricone.

Vlimmer is a project that never fails to surprise and delight. Alexander has the knack of melding darkwave with that experimental edge, ever evolving his sound. It always makes me happy to hear his clean vocals as they hold a myriad of emotions. “Platzwort” is definitely not an empty place, but rather a sanctuary where you can lose yourself in the music.




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