Derision Cult – “Mercenary Notes Pt. 1”

Dave McAnally released the EP, Mercenary Notes Pt. 1, at the very end of 2022, under his moniker Derision Cult, on the label Glitch Mode Recordings. Glitch Mode is run by fellow electronic musician, Sean Payne (Cyanotic), who was also involved in the recording of the EP and if that impresses, you might be even more so when you learn other guest artists include Chris Connelly (Revolting Cocks, Die Warzau, Pigface, The Joy Thieves) and Reeves Garbrel (The Cure, David Bowie’s band), plus remixes by Cyanotic (Sean Payne) and Justin Broadrick (Godflesh). Not on this EP are the remixes by Dan Milligan (The Joy Thieves) and Martin Atkins (Killing Joke, Ministry, Public Image Limited, Nine Inch Nails) for the single “Deaf Blood“, which you should also check out. Let me tell you, that is a hell of a list of band name dropping.

The EP roars to life with “The Year Hope Failed“, guitars smashing out, accompanying the rhythm with ferocity, setting the theme that the media lies to create mass hysteria. “Life Unlit” has the hallmarks of a Rob Zombie number, especially vocally, but also, the subject matter could very much be about zombies.

There was no way that they were not going to make “Deaf Blood” a single. The guitar work of Garbrel is simply magical, and definitely, you can hear the signature chiming guitar sound. Connelly‘s vocals are gloriously punk when not warbling like a modern medicine man. The noise intensive “Slaves Rebuild” wails like a siren in your ears, while McAnally rather creepily whispers his to-do list. This track also features Garbrel showcasing his skill as a guitarist.

Bastards of the World” is just a bouncy, fabulous track. It plunders your senses with its head puncturing rhythms. There is an instrumental in the track “Mercenary,” and with the cut voice clips running throughout, it feels like a drug fuelled haze, combined with walking through syrup.

The Year Hope Failed” is remixed by Cyanotic (Sean Payne), where the vibe is toned down a notch in favour of a slightly more electronic version, which glitches and swirls, while “Slaves Rebuild” has the Justin K Broadrick (Godflesh) Fleshmix and it is huge. A hulking mass of abrasive sound, gruff vocals, and drowning guitars that meander like a horror killer that will get you, no matter how fast you run.

Is all as bleak as it seems? Well, no, not really. Is the world in a bit if a state currently? The short answer is yes, but we don’t have to believe the hype of the media outlets or those that sell fear to make profit or gain power and this is the message from McAnally. Derision Cult hits like Ministry and has the razor political anger of Killing Joke, all wrapped up in Mercenary Notes Pt.1.

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