NER\OGRIS – “Shadowlight”

Ner\ogris is a new industrial band from Germany with their debut album, I Am The Shadow – I Am The Light, coming out on the 24th of February, on the Dependent Records label. The band is new, but the members, Tinoc (vocals) and Kain (keyboards, programming), are known for their previous musical acts, Amniista and Les Berrtas, respectively. More importantly is the single they have released now, called “Shadowlight“.

Photo by Oskar Moshage

The low swell of the synths is menacing, with the promise of violence, acquiescing only for the vocals, which are growled, going from warning to seductive. This is never hurried, the rhythm constant before breaking down into lulls, only to pick up again.

Definitely can hear why people are comparing this to early X-MARKS THE PEDWALK, a rawness in the electronics and vocals plus the music in general just has this epic quality to it that you need to hear, as I cannot do justice to describe it. Ner\ogris so far are hitting all the sweet spots, so check out “Shadowlight” and I would advise industrial fans to watch out for the new album.

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