Cathedral In Flames – “Not Another Vampire Song”

Oh, the children of the night, do you remember the 90s? *insert wolves howling here* It was definitely a time when the goth rock scene embraced the whole vampiric theme, and it seems that Czechs, Cathedral In Flames, also can reminisce on this time with their single and video, rather aptly titled “Not Another Vampire Song“. Auspiciously, they have John Fryer (Field of the Nephlim, Nine Inch Nails) doing the production.

It harkens back to a period when bands like The Awakening, Corpus Delicti, Two Witches, Faithful Dawn, Inkubus Sukkubus, and many others were regulars on compilations about the toothy blood suckers. This track takes me back to that time with its guitar lines, deep guttural vocals, and thunderous drumming. I guess this is just “Not Another Vampire Song” but rather a poke at the past, encapsulated in a great song by Cathedral In Flames. Yes, the 90s were a very silly time, and by gods, so much fun….

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