WORLD PREMIERE * Justine Ó Gadhra-Sharp – “Walking On Air” Robots In Love Remix

From the island of the long white cloud, what could be better than one musical Muse? Me thinks two and we are bringing you the premiere of the new single “Walking On Air“, from New Zealand songbird, Justine Ó Gadhra-Sharp’s EP, Sidhe, with the extra added bonus of the remix done by ex-pat Aussie and Robots In Love front woman, Elenor Rayner, whom is a master of the mix.

Justine Ó Gadhra-Sharp

Both version are available, with the original in the style of Siouxsie And The Banshees from the 90s, reflective and flowing with an emphasis on the beats, delicate and questioning.

This remix takes this track and makes it ten times sexier, looping, gliding and constricting like a boa snake. The Rayner version is smooth and yet full of reverb and hard edges as well. Sensuous and tantric until the end.

The original is sweet but the remix takes this song to a new level of va voom. Still slow but with more purpose and the ability to give you goosebumps, due to how electrically stimulating “Walking In The Air” has become. These two Muses are a worth every penny to be heard together.

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