Resolution Above Disorder – Illuminate”

The debut single, “Illuminate“, for the project named Revolution Above Disorder was released on the 22nd of October, 2021. The man behind all of this is Irish born Stephen Nicholas White, who now resides in Vancouver, British Columbia. Produced and mastered at Jacknife Studios by Jason Corbett and if that name rings a bell, that could be because Corbett is a member of the group ACTORS.


From the very beginning “Illuminate” has a dream like quality that lures you into a floating stream of synths that seem expansive and all the while White’s vocals are crystal clear, melding, becoming one with the universe it feels. Not sure if illumination refers to the finding of Nirvana but it does have a zen like quality. The remix by Delta Omega, who are based in Ireland, have added a future pop element with the sublime electronics. As can be imagined, the acoustic version is very stripped down, the raw bones that still retain the transcendental quality.

The production is smooth and music has all the electronic shoegaze silky goodness and whether this is a song about enlightenment or a love song, is up to the this listener. For those that have a fervour for ACTORS, you should really enjoy this track because there is the extra bonus that Shannon Hemmett, Kendall Wooding and Adam Fink, all appear and they also brought in Josiah Webb of Magic Shoppe fame. A simple and beautiful song for a world that spins too fast at times.


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