Null Cell – “Over The Top”

If you love industrial music, then you should be checking out Isabella Chains’ project, Null Cell. The Omaha act is soon to release a full length album, Nemesis in December, but before then, you can sample the delight that is Null Cell with the first single off the album, “Over The Top“, which was released October 29th, out on Machine Man Records.


Metal mixed industrial might be the best description, in a similar vein to many of the beloved Wax Trax bands. Pumping beat with harsh, angry guitar work and belligerent vocals. It is kind of the industrial version of don’t try to change me or tell me I’m wrong because this is my life by people who think they are always right.

The two remixes on this album are from HOSTILE ARCHITECT (H/A) and Varicella. You can pick H/A’s mix, by Mitch Kenny, a mile away with the signature synths and breaks. He has created a more futuristic version where the guitars are no longer at the core but still kept it deliciously dark. The Varicella version keeps to the guitar based sounds, injecting their electronic fingerprints and dare I say giving the track an even dirtier feel with the extra vocal manipulation.

The last track is a cover of “Wireframed Genocide“, originally written and recorded by Mind Teardown. The original has cleaner synths and a definitely more European flavour about it even though they are from Seattle, whilst the Null Cell cover is near pure angst, seething in it’s disdain.

Over The Top” is name your price on Bandcamp. There is nothing to lose from checking out Null Cell and you just might gain a new act to really enjoy and follow.

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