Deep Sleep Atlantic – “Blue”

Deep Sleep Atlantic are back with their second single “Blue“, which was released on May the 12th. Travis Marc and Daniel Perez are changing things up with the addition of saxophone by guest musician Dave Mouton.

Photo by Mikey Valencia

There is a plodding nature to the beginning of the track, a kind of going through the moves of daily life, while the vocals reach out, seemingly putting on a happy face. A song about depression, when you can no longer face the day. It really takes off in the chorus, and the culprit of this misery is revealed. The saxophone is absolutely mesmerising.

The music video has its premiere on the 19th of May, but in the meantime, you can enjoy listening to “Blue” or sites like Bandcamp and Spotify. This track is definitely nothing like the first single, “Bipolar Tendencies“, which had a far more darker edge, where as “Blue” has embraced that New Orleans’ grass roots soul and blues, and mixed it with an 80s pop swagger of say Duran Duran or Japan. Touch the “Blue” with Deep Sleep Atlantic.

▶︎ Blue | Deep Sleep Atlantic (

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