Vlimmer – “Fatalideal b​/​w Race For The Prize”

I have noticed that the Germans are extremely efficient at consistently putting out great music in quick succession. Alexander Leonard Donat is one such German. I still have to bring you the review for his new album from Assassun, but his other project Vlimmer, just brought out a new single called “Fatalideal b/w Race For The Prize“, on the Blackjack Illuminist Records label.

There is an idealistic air of youthful golden delight in “Fatalideal“, with the ringing guitar work that is strikingly joyful. Even Donat’s vocals are light and wonderfully graceful in his native German tongue. The second track is far more electrotonic and slower than the original…yes, this is a cover. The vocals are tinged with a sense of morose as “Race For The Prize” wends its way.

Fatalideal” definitely holds about it, an taste of The Cure, and their more absurdly happy music. It is coated in a dreamy haze and is genuinely delightful, with the vocals absolutely in perfect form The b-side, “Race For The Prize” was originally released in 1999, as a single by US group, The Flaming Lips and in true Vlimmer style, the lyrics have been transcribed into German. I actually had never heard the original version before, and I have to say i prefer the Vlimmer cover… so there :P. Donat is proving himself more than a capable singer and a composer of enchanting darkwave.

Fatalideal b/w Race For The Prize | Vlimmer | Blackjack Illuminist Records (bandcamp.com)



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