CODE 150 – “CODE 150”

A new band from France, CODE 150, released their self titled first EP on April the 1st. I don’t know much about these guys other than they are a four piece band. So, in other words, we will let the music speak for them.

The start is a solemn one with “IRON EAGLE“, as the electronic writhe with an almost siren like wail. The guitars are in attendance for the next track, “BROKEN“, the bass twangs delightfully, with the lead guitar flourishes. It reminds me a little of a slow dance from the heart. The synths definitely give “DANCER IN THE DARK“, a coldwave sound, and combined with the female vocals, it has a beautiful symmetry, that whirls through the chorus. The final track is the sexy “MORE“, and I will leave that to your imagination… or even better, you can go listen to it.

This is a great first release and I implore you to listen to “DANCER IN THE DARK” as it deserves to be a dance floor favourite with its charged rhythms and vocal charm. It conjures up visions of a time when Visage and Ultravox were kings of the new wave scene. Keep an eye out for CODE 150 because I have a feeling bigger things are coming.

CODE 150 | CODE 150 (

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