Gleaming – “We Dissolve”

We are off to Austin, Texas, to have a look at the first EP, “We Dissolve“, from Gleaming. Maybe we can let the man behind the project, tell you about himself….

“After drumming for a handful of different screamo and indie/dream-pop bands, I found my way to electronic music. I wanted to take the inspiration and influence from artists I love and blend it with my experience in the indie and dream/synth-pop bands. Creating a dark, danceable tone with really catchy melodies and lyrics, hoping to capture the perfect segue from dark to light.” – Darryl Schomberg II

The first track is also the single “Run Faster” and the tone of this song alone sets up the whole EP, which is about putting distance between yourself and the things in life that have dragged one down the darker paths, such as depression, and finding a better future. The synths are bright and sweet, and the rhythm bounces. “The Ashes” is the second single that builds in tension, echoing vocals that explode into a cascade of crystalline synth shards. Of note is the track “Rat Me Out“, feature Vestite, also from Austin, which has a great keyboard line through it as the dual vocals snake through this piece in the chorus.

I kind of wished that Schomberg relied on his own clean vocals more, which I will admit, are soooo much better than using autotune, (yeah I am the first to say I hate autotune with a fiery passion and I will blame Cher forever). The electronics have an 80s synthwave ring to them, that can soar, and having Vestite is a stroke of genius, as it made “Rat Me Out” a real joy. This is just Gleaming starting out with We Dissolve, so it should be interesting to see what he does next.

We Dissolve | Gleaming (

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