Brave Mistakes – “Unchained Melody”

Over a year ago, some guy called Garrett Cooper, in South Australia, decided to create a new project called Brave Mistakes. He then thought that he might put out one original song a month, for a whole year. When you listen to each of the tracks, you can hear the progression as Cooper developed his singing talent and grew more comfortable in his role of songwriter. Somewhere on this journey, he has found like minded musicians and Brave Mistakes is now a fully fledged band. A new single has just dropped called “Unchained Melody“.

The style is simple and straightforward, with guitars interlacing delicately, between plucked and strummed. Cooper’s singing is definitely the focal point, smooth and rich like honey, as the lyrics roll of his tongue. The track is saturated in longing, for time and distance can be unkind to lovers.

Sounds familiar I hear you say. Yes, it is a cover of the 1965 song, first performed by The Righteous Brothers and made famous yet again in the movie Dirty Dancing in the late 80s. This solemn rendition is near spine tingling, the musicianship stunning and I swear Cooper’s vocals get better every time I hear him. A perfect version of “Unchained Melody” to slow dance with your dearest, by Brave Mistakes.

Unchained Melody | Brave Mistakes (

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