Girls Under Glass – “We Feel Alright”

For myself, the name Girls Under Glass is heavily entwined with my memories of the 90s. The German gothic industrial icons are back baby, on the label Dependant Records, with a new single “We Feel Alright“. Even more exciting is the fact that on June the 2nd, the album Backdraft is being released, and this is the first album for Girls Under Glass in eighteen years.

The first strains of electronics made the hairs of the back of my neck tingle, before we are plunged into a maelstrom lead by guitars, which yet again morphs into synths, melding with those very guitars. The vocals break through with lyrics of finding hope and enduring companionship.

Verdict is… it’s so, so good. I feel ultra nostalgic, and I admit that my eyes teared up with pure delight hearing this track. Girls Under Glass have lost none of what made them so great, and it seems time has tempered them into an even more powerful force. Not only do “We Feel Alright” but Girls Under Glass sound pretty great after all these years.

We Feel Alright | Girls Under Glass (

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