Neon Insect – “REWIRED”

German industrial project, Neon Insect released the album New Moscow Underground in 2019, and now Nils Sinatsch is back after a hiatus with new music in the form of the single “REWIRED“. The single is a continuation of a storyline that Nils has been forming since 2018, about New York, after World War III broke out in the 90s, where Russia now rules, causing human experimentation in cybernetics and subjugation of the people. All this has been further influenced and fuelled by the war in Ukraine.

The rumbling, clattering start up of the mechanisms as it lurches forward, gathering momentum. The rhythmic pounding is the resolve to no longer live as part of a machine that takes away their humanity while the soaring synths on high are almost symbolic of righteous change.

All the while, Nils‘ vocals speak of a crumbling power and that we, in the end, have self-determination and are not programmed robots. The sign of a good track is one that seems to finish all too soon, and “REWIRED” goes for just over three minutes, but you could swear it was a lot less. Neon Insect is bringing the heavy.

REWIRED | Neon Insect (

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