MATT HART – “TO THE CORE” (Featuring Daniel Graves remix by Aesthetic Perfection)

Here is an interesting curve ball. UK industrial musician MATT HART has released the single “TO THE CORE” in a remixed version by Daniel Graves of Aesthetic Perfection fame. The original single hails from the BELOW THE TERRA PT. 1 album, which is part of an epic opus about humans forced to flee underground by alien machine foes, intent on their demise.

Graves has a very distinctive voice and you cannot miss his dulcet industrial pop tones. You might think this is an easy breezy, pop til you drop dance number…..but you are only right to a point and have been lulled into a false sense of security, when it all drops the down for a bass beat heavy chorus. So you are on a roller-coaster between succulent sweet crooning and grating chanting as the big push goes on, to dig down to the hot core of the planet, with with a charged up dance track.

Will the humans survive the onslaught? That is for another release but I would be a fairly happy little human bean (being) hearing more collaborations between HART and Graves. The Aesthetic Perfection remix featuring Daniel Graves, has polished MATT HART’s gem, “TO THE CORE“, into a diamond.


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  1. You totally honour me, ONYX Music Reviews – thank you for your tremendous support!

    This killer version is already slaying dance floors and I’m extra excited as will be opening for Aesthetic Perfection on x3 🇬🇧 gig dates!!!!
    Fri 31st March // Manchester, Rebellion
    Sat 1st April // London, Garage
    Sun 2nd April // Bristol, Exchange

    Gonna be an incredible time!!!!

    Lots of other LIVE dates for me coming up too —- check out my FB cover photo for the list ‼️
    Cough cough, ONYX —- get yourself over for a visit ☑️

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