Suburban Spell – “Split Levels Remixes”

Peter Endall is Suburban Spell and last year he dropped his second album, Split Levels. 1st of February, 2023 sees the Melbourne musician handing five, 80s inspired, synthwave tracks off the forementioned album, to five other musicians to invoke their style and magic on each.

The first of the tracks is “The Lonely Man” remixed by the goth meister himself, William Faith (Faith & The Muse, Christian Death, Mephisto Walz, The Bellwether Syndicate). Faith has added his signature guitar to the mix which gives this song a completely goth rock flavour. You aren’t wrong if you pick me for a big Faith fan and lets face it, the mix does not prove me wrong. Robots In Love is Elenor Rayner, whom has definitely made a splash with her emotional electronic mixes, has taken on the song, “Feel No More” creating an electronic piece that glitches and pops, yet having this dazzling spinning quality.

Andrew Dun remixes “Driving at Night” under the project name Ontic. The Ontic mix is trance like, smooth and silken molten dripping golden synths with electro vocals. Staying with the electronic vocalisation is the “I Take Exception” mix by Tragic Impulse, aka Paul Graham, that buzzes like the synapses of the nervous system, firing away. Fifth and last is from Valerio Rivieccio and his project Kurs, but in no way is this the least, merging his cyber industrial into “Control” creating an magnificent urgency and need that soars above the mundane world.

Actually, this EP is rather breath taking. Each track has been imbued with the talent of the mixer and taken them to a new level. These are all Endall’s songs and so that seed does not change, but definitely music has been given new wings to spread, and what glorious wings they are. A global collaboration for a brilliant EP. Get caught in the Suburban Spell and enjoy Split Levels Remixes.

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