Ablaze My Sorrow – “The Loss Of All Hope”

1993 in Gothenburg, Sweden, Ablaze My Sorrow came into being, along the way breaking up in 2006 and then reforming in 2011 whilst delivering their melodious metal tunes. As of the 27th of January, a new EP was released called The Loss Of All Hope, out on Black Lion Records, which also marks 30 years since the band’s humble beginnings. Ablaze My Sorrow consists of members Anders Brorsson (bass), Magnus Carlsson (guitars), Alex Bengtsson (drums), Dennie Lindén (guitars) and Jonas Udd (vocals).

The harmonisation of vocals kicks off “Transfiguration (Way of The Strong)” and then the blast beats hit with the ferocity of the guitars, Udd’s vocals growl gutturally at first and then come clean, while the lyrics speak of the indomitable inheriting the Earth….If Jesus made wine out of water, Then I’ll make wolves out of sheep. The drums push the guitars ever upwards in “Boundless“, reaching forth, becoming overwhelming in it’s sentiment and drowning in a sadness while wishing to be free,

Rotten To The Core” is pure and unadulterated rage that spews forth condemning those who choose to not think for themselves, matched to brutality of the music. I love the guitar work in “Enclosed In Crystals Of Ice“, smoothly wrapping around each other while the pained vocals scrap up against them like the cruel frost of winter.

I am genuinely in awe of singers that can go from growling to clean within the blink of an eye, though Udd does more of the growling, which for me is a pity as he has a great set of pipes. The duelling and entwined guitars and overall sound, reminds me of other bands such as Sentenced, Amorphis and Paradise Lost, who have that knack of sending shivers up your spine or wrenching your heart straight out of your chest. All the angst, all the pain and The Loss Of All Hope is brought to you by Ablaze My Sorrow.





  1. Really well written piece and I agree with you about the Vocal approach. I enjoy hearing a bit more clean vocals these days perhaps I’m just showing my age. However “The Cavernous Deep” is my favorite off the record…and that’s about as Primitive as it gets. You’re an exceptional writer and I really enjoy your work…Keep it up!!!

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      1. I mean it sincerely and wouldn’t say it otherwise. Sorry, I misspoke about “The Cavernous Deep” for this article had me revisit “Among Ashes and Monoliths” after listening to “The Loss of All Hope”..

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