Edge Of Decipher – “The Waves”

A new single was released on the Machina Ad Noctem label for electronic project, Edge Of Decipher, which features the vocals of Priestessdeath. “The Waves” will also appear on Edge Of Decipher’s soon to be unleashed album, in February 2023.

The cool electronic waters wash over you, submerging your senses, while Priestessdeath is the voice and embodiment of the waves, giving them a spiritual quality…. deities that are free flowing and unquantifiable. The poetic lyrics are by Edge Of Decipher, an ode to an unquenchable passion.

The b-side is a track called “High Rise“, lyrics penned and performed by Priestessdeath. Shimmering synths are at odds with the fuzzed vocals, singing spiralling through space, caught by the gravitational pull of heavenly bodies, leaving a trail of tinkling notes in the wake.

The last two tracks are instrumental versions of “The Waves” and “High Rise” which are Edge Of Decipher’s bread and butter, flowing effortless, a journey on space tide, controlled by moonbeams. That’s the beauty of these tracks. The vocals by Priestessdeath give the music another facet and yet you can easily let your imagine run away with the instrumental. I suggest you let “The Waves” take you.

The Waves | Edge of Decipher | machina ad noctem (bandcamp.com)


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