Phobos Reactor featuring TFG (TONTTU) – “Delirium Tremens”

No Devotion Records is based in the Mexico, Phobos Reactor are German and TFG (TONTTU) likes to normally yell at gnomes in Finland. Keeping up so far? So of course, the natural progress is to put out two tracks on imbibing alcohol rather heavily. “Kangastuksia” and “Tomaatteja” are the songs in question, which most of us would have issues saying sober. Together they are Delirium Tremens, also known medically as the DTs where the subject is having the worst form of ethanol withdrawal.

Finnish for mirages, “Kangastuksia” feels pretty real from the the wubbing beats to TFG’s howled vocals. Everything is spinning around in the possible club setting, free flowing drinks and the strobing lights in your eyes as the main character completely loses his shit.

Tomaatteja” means tomatoes and tomatoes can be squeezed of juice, so maybe Bloody Mary’s! Maybe science fiction Bloody Mary’s as the music goes for a change of pace. The electronics are lighter and free flowing whilst the vocals has become utterly anguished. It seems the hair of the dog (hangover cure) for someone has become his undoing.

Sooooo, it seems we have part one, the raucous night out getting wontingly smashed, yet again, until you are ready to up chuck (vomit) and part two, the screaming pain and nausea the next day and looking for a cure which for some is having another drink. Phobos Reactor has created a dance whirlwind in “Kangastuksia” with TFG’s fun vocalisation, while “Tomaatteja” is serene compared to the pained, gurgling rhetoric bursting forth. Remember kids, drink responsibly because the only Delirium Tremens you want to suffer is by Phobos Reactor and TFG (TONTTU).

Delirium Tremens | Phobos Reactor feat. TFG (TONTTU) | No Devotion Records (

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