Chicago based BOUNTE released on September the 1st, the decidedly strangely named EP, THE GRAUPNER DICOTOMY. Now, you might say…hmmm, not the Brian Graupner of legendary Gothsicles and Gasoline Invertebrate fame, who also runs Tigersquawk Records? To which we would say, indeed tis the very same Graupner of those very bands and on this very label….. and low there was much rejoicing for this union of BOUNTE’s Dean Dunakin and Brian of the Graupner.

Straight off the serial killer’s bat, we have “Acid Bath” featuring Gasoline Invertebrate, with the creepy whispered vocals of Graupner backed up by grooving guitar that somewhat invoke the ghost of early Rage Against The Machine and some rather delightful electronics. In complete contrast is the second track “Tear It Up” with its 8bit, industrial, glitching computer game feel but even better, Graupner’s far more glorious Gothsicles vocal persona (which is always amazing) and Dunakin’s deeper tones.

Tigersquawk Records is a acid trip of a label, with bands that are both eclectic and super fun, including the ultra busy captain at the helm of this spaceship, with especially comfy couches. These tracks are a credit to the musicians involved, BOUNTE utterly deserving a place in the galactic ark. And really after all this, what else is there to say but YEEEAAAHHHH!!!

The Graupner Dichotomy | Bounte (

Bounte | Facebook

Bounte – moving indietronica

The Gothsicles

Tigersquawk Digital – Tigersquawk Records

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