FabrikC vs j:dead – “Perfect Happiness”

Did you like the last single from Germany’s FabrikC and the UK’s j:dead? Did i hear you say yes?! Well, then we have a treat for you, as September the 30th, there is a new single, “Perfect Happiness” where we get to hear the lads getting down and heavy.

The rhythm is that of a laboured thundering heart beat, joined by the screaming vocals of Taylor, when he isn’t whispering his snarling discontent. The synths break out, through the vocals, prodding and urging on the cyclone of noise.

Thorsten W. D. Berger is the composer, while Jay Taylor penned the lyrics in this flying aggrotech track that is meant for the dance floors. Is there such a thing as “Perfect Happiness“? Only a fool would think so, or even want such a thing. But music is pretty close to pure joy, so get yourself some FabrikC vs j:dead.

Perfect Happiness | FabrkC, j:dead | FabrikC (bandcamp.com)

Music | J:dead (bandcamp.com)

FabrikC | Facebook

J:dead | Facebook

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