AILSHA – “RIP (Dead To Me)”

September 30th sees the Irish songbird, AILSHA, unleash her latest single “RIP (Dead To Me)“. Her pop inspired darkness, has taken the 2020 release, “Ghosted” and given it a revamped new lease on life…. or should that be death……..

It starts like the tease of a tango, a tale of a modern age love, where things go back and forth, until one party drops off the face of the planet and you have been ghosted. The tune plunges into a catchy electronic pop fusion, as AILSHA cajoles the errant lad for playing with her emotions, whilst sweetly telling him that it’s fine because she never needed him.

Coming up to Halloween, this is diabolically, a rather cute track about an issue that has come about in these times of social media and mobile technology. So get a bit of dark perkiness in your day with AILSHA and her “RIP (Dead To Me)“, because honestly, who doesn’t like a bit of ghoulish verbal body bagging?!

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