Male Tears – “Deal3r”

In California, you might meet a “Deal3r“, in the form of the latest Male Tears single, released independently, on July 15th. Comprised of members James Edward and Frank Shark, this goth/ darkwave duo have been going from strength to strength, after being started by Edward in 2020.

Might be more than a touch Euro dance style mixed with future pop and lashings of creamy dark, sexy vocals. Instantly likeable with those club friendly rhythms and spiralling synths.

I’m sure you have probably met these creatures in your clubs and bars. They are seen as the pinnacle of perfection in the scene with all the right accoutrements and connections but it is all a facade, a lure and a means to an end. There is a huge cavernous sound to this track, almost verging on what could be taken as being live and if Male Tears sound anything like this on stage…. what a glorious thing to behold.

DEAL3R (Single) | MALE TEARS (

Male Tears | Facebook

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