MATT HART – “ABSOLUTE ZERO….” (Rotersand Classic Ride Rework)

Have to say I have liked Rotersand, since I first heard them many moons ago and their remixes for other musicians are great. Now we can enjoy the German’s mixing MATT HART‘s “ABSOLUTE ZERO“, off the album, BELOW THE TERRA. PT. 1 and came out on the 26th of July.

There is a looping and sensuous flow to the beeping and bleating rhythms. It is a near sublime background which makes HART’s anguished rant standout further. The electronics mesmerize you with their epic flow and yet there is something urgently wrong amongst the dance beats.

The machines in the storyline are bringing the temperature down to “ABSOLUTE ZERO” and the electronics, which Rotersand have brought to the fore, are the intent of the aliens while HART gives the vocal resistance of the humans. The mix is so smooth and flows beautifully, a balance of crushing brutality and perfect symmetry.


MATT HART | Facebook

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