Front Line Assembly – “Purge” (Black Asteroid Remix)

Vancouver’s Front Line Assembly, are an industrial institution in their own right. From the album, Mechanical Soul, which came out at the beginning of the year to much fanfare, comes the Black Asteroid remix of “Purge“, out on Metropolis Records.

There is the build up with these sludgy beats, which are bombastic, dragged along by the insistent electronics. Leeb’s vocals growl and echo eerily, adding to the claustrophobic ambience.

The original version is more subdued, with less emphasis on the big rhythm and more on the vocals, while the mix is something I could definitely see heating at a night club floor, with those nightmarish overtones. FLA are absolutely one of those bands that keep producing great music.

Purge (Black Asteroid Remix) | Front Line Assembly (

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