The Neuro Farm – “Vampyre”

Washington, DC’s own gothic dwellers, The Neuro Farm, have dropped the song “Vampyre” off the album of the same name and to compliment the track, they have also created a beautiful and dark music video.

Rebekah Feng has a glorious voice and she uses it to great effect, whilst her band mates play around her. Sombre melancholy, with rich accents of gothic foreboding, that grace the air. The music is delicate like a spiderweb, intricate and wonderfully woven.

An ode to the loss of a way of life, the transitioning from human to vampire but also the death of a relationship. A woman becomes a child of the night and her husband cannot follow her there. Such a weighted sadness, pooling in liquid drowned dreams. The Neuro Farm are painting you a tale of darkness which is rich and silky in both sound and looks, and who knows, unless you bite, you won’t know what they taste like.

Vampyre | The Neuro Farm (

Indie Rock | United States | The Neuro Farm

The Neuro Farm | Facebook

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