Fossil Fuel – “Retribution”

We are going back in time about a year, February, 2021 when the EP, Retribution, by Fossil Fuel was released. RODNT is the man behind the mask, behind the experimental music and as of now this was his second EP.

First track off the EP, “Recoiled” feels like an ancient landscape, with rumbling tones along windswept snowy peaks. It is deep and mysterious, as if you are in budhist temples of Woah, “Retribution” is a whole different kettle of fish. Angry lyrics that strike as a snake would, accompanied by the speeding beats and bleating electronics that push this along. The track, “Drafted” is this curious forty-four second piece, that is obviously referencing the army with the ongoing marching rhythm, that simply fades away.

There is something futuristic about “Delay, Decay” with synths soaring in long stretches, while the programmed beats punctuated the dissatisfaction with those in the ‘system’. “Frantic Age” rounds off the EP, experimental in terms of the beats are going in and out of sync, while extra rhythmic sounds chime in irregularly. Rodnt’s vocals drone in a unemotional thread of consciousness.

I am trying to work out why the EP on Bandcamp is $10 US to purchase (which seems a little steep for five tracks) or you can purchase each track at $1 US. One feels there is a marketing ploy in there, somewhere but there is also a cassette available. I definitely think those that have a taste for electro, industrial experimentation will really enjoy this offering from Fossil Fuel.

Fossil Fuel | Facebook


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