Eleventh Fear – “Elfenarzt”

March might be the month for the elfin kind and the 30th saw the release of the single, “Elfenarzt“, by a French, gothic/industrial project, Eleventh Fear. Ludovic Dhenry is the man behind Eleventh Fear and is also responsible for the acts Résonance Magnétique, Exponentia and Zauber, which may explain why the last release for this project was an album called Spirit, out in 2010. Though we are in luck as a second album has been toted as coming our way this year!

For a French project, the lyrics are in German and hissed at you, all the while the heavenly electronics waver above. There are beats within rhythms and a brilliant use of noise to build up the atmosphere, Sadly, there is no Youtube video for us to put up, as this is a cracking tune. Dark and foreboding and yet so club friendly, so in other words, watch this space, for Eleventh Fear are threatening us with a rather good time, me thinks if “Elfenarzt” is anything to go by.

Elfenarzt | Eleventh Fear (bandcamp.com)

Eleventh Fear | Facebook

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