Hateful Chains – “Yölento”

Ah Valentine’s Day…. it just keeps coming around doesn’t it?! Some of us will wish to sleep that day away but others will be deeply in the thralls of love or desperately want to be. Hateful Chains are giving you a romantic single to woo that other person for this special day and it is a cover version. The only catch is, it’s in Finnish. The cover is of the Finnish love song “Yölento” originally written and sung by Juice Leskinen, from the album of the same name released in 1986, which was also their best selling release.

Yölento” literally means night flight and there is no doubt that this track conveys a seductive darkness. Lead singer, Flora’s deep and sonorous vocals caress ones ears. She really has a beautiful tone and it is accompanied by the wandering piano and the guitar that almost seems to be forlorn as it cries out.

The overall impression is about longing and waiting to be with another, knowing it might never happen. It is rich and full of unleashed passion. You don’t need to understand Finnish to have this song to pull at your heart strings which is the power of music, language is not a barrier in enjoying or reveling in a great song…. all great songs will evoke emotion. Hateful Chains chose well and the execution is this shadowy melancholy piece that is tinged with a yearning dream. Come on a “Yölento” with me…..


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