Black Doldrums – “Into Blue”

London based, post-punk trio, Black Doldrums are back with another single, “Into Blue” to tease us with before the release of the album Dead Awake. The debut album hits us 11th of March, 2022 on Fuzz Club Records.

There is a sonorous beauty to “Into Blue“. Gibbard’s vocals gracefully take centre stage while the sweet chime of guitars is pervasive, making the hairs on the back of your neck rise. How do you explain a piece of music that resonates at a primal level to your very core.

A slow burning shoegaze ballad. There are touches of Ride, Joy Division and Jesus and Mary Chain throughout. The video is a black and white extension of the music, that explores the play of dark and light. “Into Blue” is yet another example of the skill of the band to craft guitar based delights. We count the days to the release of the album.

Black Doldrums | Facebook

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