Hidden House – “Hide”

In Milan, Italy, there is an act called Hidden House, an amalgamation of two local talents, Fran Cesco (vocals, guitar) and Giò (vocals, bass, programming). They have dropped the single “Hide” with a rather spooky video, off the album, Inside The Hidden House, that was released last year.

The tone is set from the beginning with the synthesised harpsichord. This reminds me a lot of the gothic music that was coming out in the early 90s… muted vocals that haunt you over the dark vampiric styling of a dark dance room ball.

The beat with the twang of the bass, propel this forward. Those fond of gothic lace, bats and such things are going to love everything going on in this. It reminds me of another Italian band called Flower Of Sin. Dare you “Hide” in the Hidden House?!



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