SINE – “Realitease” (Black Sugar Transmission Remix)

SINE is Rona Rougeheart, who is a singer, drummer and Texan. Rougeheart has been unleashing music under this pseudonym since 2016 and on the 29th of October, a new remix of the latest single, “Realitease” was released called “Virtual Realitease“. The bonus is that it has been remixed by Andee Blacksugar who is Black Sugar Transmissions and also the guitarist/composer for industrial group KMFDM.

From the breathy, electronic incantations of virtual to the funky guitar that takes flight into a magnificent solo, this is a pretty classy piece. Actually it reminds me a lot of Prince’s tracks from around the late 80s that were always heavily funk beat based and always tied up with that virtuoso guitar playing.

The original single and this remix can be found on the album Desire, Denial and Paramania that was released at the beginning of October this year. This is an odd mix of mellow versus electronic/electric sparks and it damn well works. Have a listen and then check out more SINE.

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