51 Peg – “A/Version”

51 Pegasi is the designated name of a Sun that was once called Helvetios and 51 Peg is an industrial rock band from Washington. They released their first album back in 2000 called Strange Appointments and now in 2023, 51 Peg unleash latest album named A/Version.

Kicking off with the mood filled “The Distance Between“, which is a bit like an industrial version of Stone Temple Pilots, where the synths wail more so than the guitars. “Cursory Rhymes” is a swelling and emotional track with imploring vocals, which is at complete odds to “Roots Into Sand“, as the ancient mysteries of the Middle East merge with the industrial, as a beast that can not be stopped, forever invading. The modern era is the age of the “Digital Disease“, where computers mean you can exchange information and thoughts across the globe, yet this hasn’t translated to harmony. There are big vocals and soaring guitars throughout.

The beginning of “In Return” actually made me think of the wonderful Japan but then the rock explodes this reminiscing, searing with vehemence. “Werewolf” could simply be about the shapeshifters, but I think the deeper meaning might allude to the animal that resides inside every human, under the skin, waiting to come out if we let it. It is a slower and more thoughtful number. The last track is a cover of the Billy Idol single, “Eyes Without A Face” where musically and especially vocally, 51 Peg give a very Idol performance, without a need for the female backing singers.

For me, it was odd hearing a cover of the Billy Idol’sEyes Without A Face“, which is one of his slower songs, because most bands seem to cover “Rebel Yell” or “White Wedding“, so that is a refreshing change. In a way, this is true of the whole album, as I was not sure of what it would sound like by the description but was delighted how well the different influences meld together. The band cite Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Depeche Mode and Gary Numan, yet I also hear Stone Temple Pilots, Faith No More and an undercurrent of 80s electronica. A/Version by 51 Peg is a nice slice of hot industrial rock.

A\Version | 51 Peg (bandcamp.com)




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