Balloons Kill Babies – “Post Tenebras Lux”

The debut album, Post Tenebras Lux, for Brisbane band, Balloons Kill Babies, is a point of great pride and yet there is a bitter sweet tinge, as it is also, currently, their last album for the foreseeable future. Bass player Karl O’Shea is no stranger to Onyx, being a member of Daylight Ghosts and Ghostwoods, plus it seems a hundred other bands (and have your noticed the fact all project names are related to death or after death??). Christian Carter plays guitar and Scott Davey on drums, making up the trio. This instrumental album doesn’t just have value in the music, but also for the band members Carter and O’Shea, there have been years of life shattering challenges, such as addiction, and they are very open about their mental health which has influenced their music.

“This album means so much to me, after the treatment for Catatonia I was left suffering from Amnesia and regular Seizures, sometimes up to 7 a day with the worst lasting an hour. The remarkable thing was listening to the album again after the onset of amnesia, as if for the first time; and being able to pick up my guitar again and play the songs in their entirety. It was a massive part of my rehabilitation. The piano piece written by Karl and performed by his partner James Lees (Ghostwoods, Silver Sircus) “Flexibilitas Cerea”, we decided to name after one of the symptoms of Catatonia, “Waxy Flexibility”, where my limbs could be placed in various positions and I would stay in that position until someone moved me back.

Even though the album was written before the events of these illnesses, the title of the record rings truer than ever. It became the soundtrack to my recovery and rehabilitation from the worst period of my life. The project has simply run its course and I couldn’t think of a better record to go out on.” ChristianTwiggyCarter

A dream like air surrounds the first track “Creeper“, sinuous and gradually becoming foreboding in tone as the guitars start you on this journey. The track “L’appel Du Vie“, drenched in beautiful guitar tones has the feelings of something lost and regrets that are a part of the past, swinging from gentle to manic.

Joined by on piano by James Lees, from Ghostwoods, Lees puts in a haunting performance in piece “Flexibilitas Cerea“, with a heaviness that sucks you under. The fervour of “Mt Carmel” twists around you soul, flooding your ears with searing guitar that reaches out and “Post Tenebras Lux” is truly a joyous piece that breaks out, trickling with gorgeous interludes. This is only a taste of what you can find on the album.

“Simply put, everyone behind the creation of this album has gone through significant changes over the last 5 years or so. Whether they be creative differences, a need to explore other projects or just simply wanting to move on, we’re all different people than we were at the beginning of all this. I think I speak for all of us when I say we’re fiercely proud of what we’ve managed to accomplish over the last decade plus and we couldn’t be happier with how the album turned out. It’s as perfect an ending as we could have asked for.” – Karl O’Shea

Davey is one busy guy on the drums and with O’Shea, they make a really tight rhythm section, while Carter just oozes sophistication on the guitar. The album has a huge sound to it, like if Tool was purely instrumental and they were creating rock inspired soundscapes, within someone’s brain. There is experimentation with noise which makes for a much more interesting experience. I am not surprised they are proud of this album. It is a great alternative rock release and if you appreciate well crafted music then you should really check out Post Tenebras Lux, because after the dark is light with Balloons Kill Babies. Cheers guys.

Post Tenebras Lux | Balloons Kill Babies (

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