Devil Machine – “Devil Machine”

What or who is Devil Machine? Apparently, from California, with key members who are heavily influenced by black metal over all, incorporating it with industrial electronic and smashing it with gabber…….which brings us to the debut album, also named Devil Machine. So now you know as much as I do.

Just reaching into this album’s first track “Pandemonia Promenade“, there is this huge whirlwind of massive thumping gabber beats and industrial synths, fused with something that sounds a lot like that huge Dimmu Borgir black metal verbosity.

Sneering Glitch” is like a dark runaway train crashing through at times, never stopping its starlit flight, and I can say that this instrumental album is very much like this on every track….though this is no way means every track sounds the same. Each instrumental piece has its own voice in a way, like “Insurgent Void” and the screaming guitar solo that begins it, balancing between space odyssey and metal anthem. You can go into dance overdrive with “Babylonian Whores” or enjoy the grandiose dirge of the title track, “Devil Machine“.

If you like black metal, gabber dance music or industrial, Devil Machine is going to have tracks you really like or you are going to adore the whole thing. The devil is in the detail and the Devil Machine is pumping out Satan’s futuristic chamber music.

▶︎ Devil Machine | Devil Machine (

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