Decommissioned Forests – “Industry Remixes”

So time for another quickie. because here at Onyx, we know people love a quickie! British lads, Decommissioned Forests, have had their latest album given a polish over with a whole set of remixes. This is probably hence the title, Industry Remixes.

Most of the mixes have been done by members of the band, as Decommissioned Forests or under other project names such as Non-Bio (Howard Gardner), Raelism, History of Guns (Max Rael) and The Resonance Association (Daniel Vincent). Also they have been working on video releases for a few of these tracks, bringing life to the music visually. Duncan Perry (NNYz), Mox Salnikov and Dominic Hemy (The Resonance Association) are the guest artists that help round off the mixing duties.

I think “Spectral Kleptomania” was my favourite track before and now it just has this amazing whimsy on acid effect going on. “Triggers” gets four reworkings, from using heavy guitars, rhythmic noise, ambient tones to Remy’s disturbing but entrancing drone noise.

That is just me giving you a taste of what is in stall for you should you decide to take the plunge and delve these new depths. More to the point, there is nothing holding you back, so do it today. Immerse your ears with Decommissioned Forests’ Industry Remixes because there are a lot of jewels to be found.

Industry Remixes | Decommissioned Forests (

Decommissioned Forests | Facebook

Music | The Resonance Association (

Music | Non-Bio (

Music | NNYz? (

Music | Misha MOX Salnikov and his projects. (

Trapped | Dominic Hemy (

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