Fox Nova Project – “PredatorPrey”

Fox Nova Project is the combined forces of Mach Fox (Zwaremachine/USA) and Craig Saunders (NOVAkILL/AUS). Their latest project, out on the Phage Tapes label, is an album, titled PredatorPrey, which leads on from their debut EP, The Haunted The Hunted, remixing those tracks to give a storyline.

The overall sound of this remix album is heavily rooted in the harsher EBM style of the 80s. The breakout growling guitar amongst the analogue sounding synths and Fox’s bleak vocalisations. The mixes for the predator, full of bravado and snarling certainty, while the prey are crippled with fearful racing heartbeats and heightened alert. With PredatorPrey, Fox Nova Project goes old school on this one

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